Removing the Past: Shift Delete 30

This article was written about the exhibition entitled “Shift Delete 30” in Nafas Magazine, January 2012.

03_Ibrahim Saad_The Romanian Revolution 02_Ahmed Abd El Fattah Ahmed El Samra_Angry Boys 01_Islam Kamal_Action TV

Top left: Ibrahim Saad “House of the Republic”; top right: Ahmed Abdel Fattah “Dominant 1981-2045”; bottom left: Ahmed El Samra “Angry Boys”; bottom right: Islam Kamal “Action TV”.

What would you do if you could delete the past 30 years? 60 years? 90 years?

Cairo. On January 10, 2012, one year after the 1/25 uprisings in Egypt, a show opened at Saad Zaghloul’s House of the Nation (Beit Al Uma), the cultural center behind the mausoleum of the leader of the revolutionary opposition against colonialism in 1919. This site was selected by the Young Artist’s Coalition and its organizational supporters with the objective of referencing history and reminding us of the repetitions of our past. Read more here: Removing the Past: Shift Delete 30.

Press Release: SD30_Press Release (Eng).

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