About Aïda

Aïda Eltorie is an independent curator currently based in Houston, Texas. Previously Curator of the ARTos Foundation, Japan branch (headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus). Working with the founding Director Achilleas Kentonis, she was also the co-founding member of Finding Projects Association (Florence), an independent project space that handles contemporary projects from the Mediterranean region, in collaboration with the Accademia D’Arte in Florence.

From her recognised work in Biennales; she was the film curator at Manifesta 8 (Spain, 2010); co-curator of the Egyptian Pavilion to the 2011 Venice Biennale, co-founder and curator of The Changing Room project that debuted at Spazio Qubi in Turin (2011), and showed at the London Festival as part of the London Olympics cultural programs in 2012; and co-curator of the Maldives Pavilion to the 2013 Venice Biennale. Her academic involvement includes Editor-in-Chief of Contemporary Practices Journal (Dubai and London, 2008-2010), and Production Management of Bidoun Magazine (New York, 2007-2008) of which time she also interned at The Brooklyn Museum and Christies Auction House in New York. She has given a widespread of lectures and panel discussions on international projects at Art Basel (2009), The American University in Cairo (2011), the House of World Cultures (Berlin, 2011), The Kunst Akademie (Copenhagen, 2011 & 2012), AICA Conference (Zurich, 2012), Latvia Contemporary Art Centre (Riga, 2013), the Mori Art Museum (Tokyo 2014), amongst other.

She independently produced a number of international projects with artists and cultural practitioners from the Middle East and Europe, with various support granted from institutions like ProHelvetia Swiss Arts Council, The Ford Foundation, Mawred Cultural Resource, The British Council, Allianz Stiftung among other.

Her published works can be read in catalogues for shows such as the Maldives Pavilion Catalogue: Portable Nation (55th International Venice Biennale 2013), Egyptian Pavilion Catalogue / Ahmed Basiony: 30 Days of Running in the Place (54th International Venice Biennale 2011), The Changing Room: Arab Reflections on Praxis and Times (Turin, Italy 2011), on Jane Jin-Kaisen “Revolution is not a Bird’s Eye View, but a Rose is a Rose is a Rose” Monograph (Copenhagen, 2014), Julienne Johnson “Ashes for Beauty” (Los Angeles, 2012), Sama Alshaibi’s Vs. Him (Lawrie Shabibi Gallery, Dubai 2011); Patrizio Travagli’s Monograph, MMX (Florence, Italy 2010); Breaking News (2008) and Golden Gates (2009) curated by Daniela da Prato on art from the Arab World and Iran in Paris. Further articles can be found in Contemporary Practices Journal and Rawi Magazine (2008-2011).

You can visit:
Cyprus: http://www.artosfoundation.org
Blog: http://www.aidaeltorie.wordpress.com
Study in Florence: http://www.accademiadarte.it

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