Euphoria Revised

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Euphoria Revised is an international project where artists, scientists, psychologists, philosophers, neuroscientists and other thinkers are participating in order to renegotiate happiness / euphoria through a multidisciplinary and intercultural approach, taking into account the current reality. This common research project addresses the personal (I), the collective (We) and current concerns on nature. The project is part of Pafos 2017 actions, sponsored by EU Japan Fest, and supported by ARTos Foundation, ARTos Foundation Japan, and Artecitya EU project & network. It includes installations, exhibition, workshops, presentations, colloquium and an e-publication. The actions will take place in Paphos (Chlorakas Park and the Old Power House) and in Nicosia at ARTos Foundation.

With the participation of Elli Papakonstantinou (GR), Ohya Rica (JP), Maria Papacharalambous (CY), Maki Toshima (JP), Achilleas Kentonis (CY), Orestis Symvoulis (GR), Vanessa Melisourgakis Elena Tonikidi (GR).

Curated by Aida Eltorie.


Curatorial text: The [de]cluttering of Velocities


In order to achieve a state of euphoria, a crossing of parameters must occur. The heightened state of happiness and overly exerted drama fuels the desire to go above and beyond the norms of the self and the other only allowing for an utter state of impermanence, a state of natural beauty and its counterparts to be experienced over shortened and heightened states of time.

Nature is the only material that is ever changing, temporary, transient, and it’s in the object of the natural form can abandonment also be experienced. A sense of neglect occurs, as an object is left over lengthened periods of time in an environment made to change the original appearances of the object in its host environment. So what might that say about the host? Is it a hostile environment because it chooses to change the form and function of the object in its habitat? Who possesses the power of survival? Is it the savior, the orphan or the passive stander seeking to observe and not partake in the functions of natural conformity?

The object we speak of here is a survivor of ferocities. Whether animate or inanimate, whether it exists physically or in the metaphysical world, it survived defeat, despair and yes, it also built a euphoric state of hopes. Whether hollow or dense, it is irrelevant to recognize the volume of the object, but rather the space it occupies. Therefore, the hidden connection between space and time is completely dependent on motioning through that space in order to understand its importance as well as realize the illusion of the time that coexists whilst it motions through it. Mutating, evolving and transforming into astronomical illusions, then how must we freeze-frame it into a reality of the present moment? The faster the motion, the slower time passes through it, and the more presence occurs, the more immediacy happens and once again, the more intensified is the happiness, the tragedy and all the states of existence can occur in an immense and momentous manner.

So what would happen if we broke those states of euphoria? If we broke the illusion of the spaces we occupy and we stopped the movement of time that passed through our very existence to make the coexistence of our mechanic forms change and transform into static moments of impact. Freeze-frame. Where are we now? How much has changed from where we started to where it ended? Has it ended? Our coexistence in immediacy is the answer to all creation.

Creation occupies the space lived in. Even in its emptiness does it carry equal importance and authority to the non-empty, non-physical occupation. So whether it was found in a tree standing still, a mold longing through its own decay, a volcanic rock bracing through the forms of it’s own eruptions, the life of impermanence is a constant rebirth, constant re-termination, and constant renewal to the [de]cluttering of presence over existence.

A metaphor to life is to find those states of euphoria, and to constantly reform them into heightened states of ferocious beings that see forms in alternative dimensions. The force to realize the magnitude of what an object has to offer is only one version of the realities. A reality that comes without repetition; It’s yours for only a moment. It’s mute, tongue-tied, handcuffed and blinded by the limitations of its own existence. And finally, only in those limitations will the ability to hold a casual conversation occur. The ability to connect with what surrounds the object and to become empowered by what is seen and not read or heard, welcome the authority to take over that moment, and see creation in its ensuing solitude.


Aïda Eltorie, curator



  • 2 June – 11 June:
    Chloraka Park
    – Installation by Ohya Rica (JP) and Maria Papacharlambous (CY)


  • 13 June – 25 June
    Euphoria Revised Exhibition

    Palia Elektriki, Pafos


  • 13 June 3pm-6pm:
    Workshops at Palia Elektriki

Broken is Better than New: By the Japanese artist Ohya Rica [from 4:00 to 6:00pm]
Golden Joinery – Japanese traditional Method for Repairing Broken Ceramics.
5 participants only, observers are mostly welcome.
For reservation [first call first serve] please call 22445456 or email


Therapy_NOW_art: By the Artist Maria Papacharalambous (CY) and Psychologist Elena Tonikidi (GR) [from 3:00 to 6:00pm]
This workshop attempts to create a dialogue between the artists, the therapists and the public. The discussion will be created and guided by art, using smothers, lines and colourful brush strokes and everything that can create powerful images. Images where a place for multiple changes can exist, which corresponds to the pieces of our mental reality. It will become a work of metamorphoses with a second meaning, the meaning of mental performance causing an action; an internal change for the participants but also for the spectators.
Maximum 10 participants.
For reservation [first call first serve] please call 22445456 or email


Happiness Unlimited: By the director Elli Papacosnstantinou (GR) [from 4:00 to 5:00pm]
She will exchange/collect  information and experiences with the audience on the cultural structure of happiness in Denmark, Greece and Cyprus.
Maximum 10 participants.
For reservation [first call first serve] please call 22445456 or email



Visual and Augmented Reality: By artist Orestis Symvoulides (GR) and Vanessa Melissourgaki(GR) [from 4:00 to 6:00pm]
Orestis will show the capabilities of visual and augmented reality with the gaming environment and will prepare people, parents and kids for the performances which will follow. Its great opportunity for the audience to experience and learn about those new technologies that can be used in education and artistic practices.


Innovation for kids [the kid’s university approach]: By the innovation mentor, trans-discipline artist and engineer Achilleas Kentonis. [From 4:00 to 6:00pm]
Addressed to kids for 6 to 12 years old. Intro to innovation thinking for kids. Learn new techniques of neuroscience approach to innovative thinking by playing. Parents can participate too.
10 participants per session (2 sessions 4-5pm and 5-6pm).
For reservation [first call first serve] please call 22445456 or email

Download poster here:

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Download workshop:


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Download performance:

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