POP-UP Aesthetics

pp.5_POP-UP AestheticsThis project is a result of spending 20‭ ‬hours discussing the purpose of aesthetics in a work of art‭, ‬its importance by the tasteful understanding‭ ‬or by reading its social‭, ‬political‭, ‬apolitical‭, ‬cultural‭, ‬secular‭, ‬non-secular‭, ‬congruous or incongruous adaptations‭. ‬Several of such matters were questioned and brought forward‭. ‬Understanding a work of art with the critical eye‭, ‬how and whether a work of art carries a purpose in the everyday life of the pedestrian‭, ‬art enthusiast, and connoisseur brought‭ ‬up the question‭: ‬What might that purpose be‭? ‬pp.14_POP-UP Aesthetics

The syllabus played a central role in being organic and relying on students needs in their understanding of arts and aesthetics‭.‬‭ ‬Based on that‭, ‬several topics were tackled as we took a step away from collegiate readings‭, ‬and focused on one main dialogue that‭ ‬occurred between Arthur C‭. ‬Danto and Michael Seel and what they determined to be the END OF ART‭, ‬and its INFINITE counterpart‭ ‬–‭ ‬The concept of‭ ‬appearance and its new aesthetic understandings‭. ‬The course was concluded with a brief read into Roland Barthes EMPIRE OF SIGNS‭,‬‭ ‬in determining a system of emptiness‭, ‬and it is with Barthes was nothingness and emptiness a central theme defined through a cultural understanding of Japan‭, ‬an imaginary land‭, ‬far far away seen through an act or an object‭ ‬–‭ ‬the visual and conceptual understanding‭, ‬without the knowing of a statement or spoken language‭,  ‬and removing the work of art from its aesthetic origins‭. ‬

The term‭, ‬POP-UP AESTHETICS‭ ‬was coined by James Allan Douglas‭, ‬a student and critical thinker of aesthetic understanding‭, ‬and it was agreed on by classmates and peers Christine Douglas‭, ‬Martina Crescenti‭, ‬and Denisse Barky‭ (‬Denisse will not be taking part in this workbook‭). ‬Their views varied with the different perspectives sought‭. ‬Please read on to discover the meaning behind Pop-Up Aesthetics‭.

pp.18_POP-UP Aesthetics

Please read on to discover the meaning behind Pop-Up Aesthetics‭.

Download here: POP-UP Aesthetics.

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