Jane Jin Kaisen’s “Revolution is not a Bird’s Eye View… but a Rose is a Rose is a Rose…”

Jane Jin Kaisen_Revolution is not a bird's eye view...

REVOLUTION IS NOT A BIRD´S EYE VIEW                                                    


2 part artist book, 278 pages, ill. Black & white

Published by Officin in conjunction with Jane Jin Kaisen´s solo exhibitionRevolution is not a bird’s eye view …but a rose is a rose is a rose, May 24 – June 28 2013
© 2015: The artist and authors

Texts: Aida Eltorie, Guston Sondin-Kung, Mikala Hyldig Dal

Editor: Marie Kølbæk Iversen

Graphic design: Louise Sidenius

An Interview was published with Copenhagen-based artist,  Jane Jin Kaisen about her latest work produced during her 3-month residency program in Cairo – Egypt, at The Townhouse Gallery of contemporary art.



JJK Revolution is not a birds eye view


Published Interview can be read here: JJK+AE Interview.

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