Transient Chronicles .:.


Transient Chronicles


Mai Refky is considered to be one of the best figurative painters of the contemporary regional scene. Materializing her characters into abstract, yet fully formed, embodied beings, do her subjects spring from the façade, leaving us with an incredible array of movement, juxtaposed against magnificent contrasts of black and white, up against fluorescent tones, peasant patterning and decorative geometric ornamentations all inspired by her personal history. Her canvases are her diaries, and the time span it took to realize her New Works, date from 2011 – 2013.

From the new collection, have we come to realize the placement of older works done in 2008; The Orange Pink Series, with works in 2010; The Musician Series – only to offer an incredible array of free-flow movements and sounds from other periodical genres. Her negative and positive spaces overlap without end, completing this collective with a range and variety of tonal and instrumental colors, desired to objectify the art of unmethodical chronicling.

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