Sama Alshaibi – vs Him

Pages from Sama Alshaibi_vs HimSama Alshaibi’s first solo exhibition in the Middle East, vs Him at Lawrie Shabibi Gallery (Dubai, September 2011). Aïda Eltorie was commissioned to write the opening text for the catalogue, entitled “On the Archetype of Imperial Eminence” reflecting on the male role in Middle Eastern society, and how the female protagonist is an inverse to what Alshaibi describes in five main characters; the Ruler, the Father, the Brother, the Son and the Lover. This exhibition carried a collection of photography, video installation and interactive installation works (09.2011 – 10.2011). Pages from 1.Sama Alshaibi_Page_1 Pages from 1.Sama Alshaibi_Page_2Pages from Sama Alshaibi_The Empire

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