Ahmed Basiony “30 Days of Running in the Place”


Project Concept: Shady Elnoshokaty; Curator: Aida Eltorie; Executive Curator: Shady Elnoshokaty; Sound production & Media Engineering: Magdi Mostafa; Production Assistant: Hosam Hodhod; Cover Design: AR Group & Hosam Hodhod; Photo Editor: Ahmed Amar; Art Director for the Catalogue: Aida Eltorie & Production Team; Organizational Team: Dalia Mostafa (Fine Arts Sector), Mohamed Badr, Maria Adele (Translation in Italian, Accademia di’Egitto), special thanks for Emad Abu Ghazi, Egyptian Minister of Culture, for his support. All project images are Copyrighted to the Basiony Family. RIP Ahmed. 

Since the opening and closing of Ahmed Basiony’s show at the 54th International Biennale di Arte, Venezia, I received several requests to have access to the exhibition catalogue which no longer seemed available after the exhibition had closed in November 2011. With the support of the Ministry of Culture, Fine Arts sector (Egypt), and the American University in Cairo, we were able to put together an exhibition that certainly made cultural history to be hosted under the auspices of the Egyptian government, at the Venice Biennale during an uprising against the Egyptian government by a man; an artist, a father, son, husband and teacher who was killed in the riots for filming. The camera was never found with the footage of that last Friday (the day of Rage) however, he had downloaded all the footage taken from the hree days that preceded this fateful day.

Ahmed Basiony was the leading sound and new media artist in the Egyptian contemporary art scene. His work was an unprecedented amalgam of audio research and new interactive media only recognized by a few institutions who could comprehend new media projects. It was thanks to the conception brought forward by Shady El Noshokaty, was I then invited to curate this exhibition with El Noshokaty, and teamed up with the engineered audio work put together by Magdi Mostafa who was very close friends with Ahmed Basiony and had spent those first three days of riots in Tahrir Square with, and Hosam Hodhod’s technical assistance in Venice.

Press Release: Egitto_Biennale di Arte_PRESS RELEASE

Featured spread in Venice Biennale Catalogue.

Video Interview by Web Art Magazine.

View of Installation and co-Curatorial Talk with Shady Elnohsokaty and Aïda Eltorie, Venice Biennale Channel.

Video Feature by Deutsche Welle.

The American University in Cairo’s Social Justice Panel in the Contemporary Visual Arts, May 4, 2011. Panel  1, Part 3; featuring Shady Elnoshokaty. Panel  1, Part 4; featuring Aïda Eltorie.

Catalogue: Ahmed Basiony (1978 – 2011) : 30 Days of Running in the Place

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