Amr Fekry, “Patterning Spirits” – Prohelvetia Years of Residency

Patterning Spirits – Aida Eltorie

Amr Fekry_Mawaqif Al Nifari

AMR FEKRY  has become an astounding visual connoisseur of worldly realms. Reassuring the qualities that are unseen except through the eyes of the seeker, he revisits already existing sites in order to consistently revive his visually constructed surfaces with renewed mystical consonants. Whether in the form of an architectural site, a landscape, or just daily people caught up in daily endeavors, he finds a harmony in every situation that is not only a frozen image, but also an image reborn into a higher realm of personal existence. Seeking the spiritual path in every journey he partakes, to reflect his daily scenes of life in Egypt, come the unraveling of vocal hermeneutics that are originally inspired from poets like Ibn al Farid and al Halaaj, into inevitably the artist’s own poetry on the refinements of the human condition.

Read the complete article here: Article_Patterning Spirits_Amr Fekry

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